The State Department Federal Credit Union Bank provides financial products and services to a wide and varied cross section of customers worldwide. A well designed, user friendly website is core to SDFCU’s business. However, given that it was slow, non-responsive and tough to navigate, the interface did not meet the needs of either the users or the business.


The client’s existing website had several drawbacks such as slow loading, unintuitive interface, and non-compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements.

The client sought GSS help to

  • Redesign the site and performance
  • Improve usability and responsiveness
  • Ensure ADA compliance
  • Reduce dependence on third party modules for business requirements
  • Ease user navigation with SSO (single Sign On) for loan applications, credit card applications etc.
  • Ensure uninterrupted services through continued support and maintenance.


  • Fast loading, professional, fully responsive site created
  • ADA compliant site.
  • Eliminated third party modules
  • Intuitive, easily navigable format for users.
  • Logins, transacting, viewing, applying for cards, loans became frictionless activities