GSS enterprise security practice helps deploy and manage centralized and robust solutions to manage access requests to applications, API’s, mobile apps within the organization while enforcing industry leading security protocols and standards for security including SAML, OAuth 2.0, and other federation services

Digital Identity Governance

  • Develop and deploy solutions to centrally manage enterprise user identifies and access control
  • Enterprise wide single sign-on (SSO) access  leveraging MFA to foster user confidence
  • Provide users with self-service ,simple-to-use, fine-grained controls to manage and audit data
  • Support no compromise security from client-facing apps to the edge
  • Reduce Risk and Improve Regulatory Compliance, Manage Identity and the Relationship Lifecycle
  • Secure and Manage Passwords for All Your Privileged Users via privileged access management

Cyber Security Services

  • Employ solutions to reduce the risk of DDoS attacks, domain hijacking, phishing and email fraud
  • Streamline asset mapping, vulnerabilities and enable continuous compliance
  • Combine penetration testing with vulnerability assessment  to identify and validate threats
  • Assess against cybersecurity industry practices and develop security roadmaps, plans
  • Investigate security incidents and execute advanced persistence threat analysis
  • Define agile, solid and scalable security and implement centralized enterprise SIEM/SOC

Application Security

  • Centrally control and manager authentication and authorization to enterprise applications
  • AI driven log analytics to determine unusual failed authentication  requests and actions
  • Centrally deployed self-service application for password, access request management
  • Centralized workflows for access approvals , segregation of duties and request delegation
  • Leverage industry leading methodologies for securing data in-flight and data at rest
  • Centrally enforced security standards and protocols for all enterprise APIs

Our Expertise